Receive "messages are waiting for you" text

In Message+, I receive a text that states "messages are waiting for you. Download Message+to read these messages at https //"

I have already downloaded Message+ and have version 6.4.42. I follow the link to download the messages and I am taken to Google Play where my Message+ app already appears to be installed, so I only have the option to open it. I click "open" and I still don't receive the supposed messages that are waiting for me.

I believe that these messages are part of a group text with responses. I cannot read any of them and I would like to be able to download them. Please help!

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Re: Receive "messages are waiting for you" text
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Help has arrived TopDenverAgent! We want you to be able to receive all messages sent to you. Have you ever been able to receive messages via the application? What make and model phone do you have?


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