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Receiving Text Messages As Emails...Why?

My wife's iPhone 4 is sending texts to my email address as well.  It is very annoying.  I told her to change her settings or something to figure how to make them go back to my phone and she swears she's not doing anything different than she ever has.  I have a Droid and don't know anything about iPhones.  The email is coming from  I went to to try and make this completely annoying option just go away and it doesn't exist!  It just reroutes to  I recall vzwpix as something I signed up for like 7 years ago but now it's messing everything up.  I'm upset because she sent me an important/time sensitive text but it got routed to my email and took over an hour to show up.  Reading the FAQ on the verizonwireless website makes no sense and offers no help.  It claims you can log on at and you can't! It just goes to that consumer products website.

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Re: Receiving Text Messages As Emails...Why?

There is an app that allows a person to have their text messages automatically transcribed and sent to their email...

Pretty cool if you need a permanent copy of texts... however, it does get annoying.  What you could do (for those that like this feature) is to create another email account that you don't normally use, and have all those texts go to that account.

Now, to undo this will require tech support from Verizon... and very few techs there know how to do this... but this happened to me when I tried the app, decided I didn't need it, and could not undo the programming in my iPhone.  I went from tech to tech at Verizon before I finally found one that knew how to undo this...

Hope this helps... PS  look in the apps on both of your phones... and remove that too.

Re: Receiving Text Messages As Emails...Why?
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You can access the vzwpics from the My Verizon website.

its towards the bottom half of your account page. its like send a multimedia message and it brings you to that section.

however its doubtful that this is the culprit. if you have your text messaging set up properly mms messages can be received on your phone, and you can send same to your wifes phone (mms & text messages)

I am thinking your best bet is to call tech support while you have both phones within your grasp. call from another phone to have them fix it for you.

You can also go to the verizon corporate store and have one of their people look at it and fix the situation for you. it may be as simple as a code on your account or wifes account that can be coded properly.

Hope it works out for you.