Recent Message+ Issue

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. A couple of days ago, the way my text messages are displayed changed. Previously, the phone number or contact number of the person with whom I have been messaging would be one font size and the message preview would be a slightly smaller font size. This made it easy to identify the contact/person who sent the message. However, a couple of days ago, for whatever reason (maybe an update?) the header and message preview became the same font size. This makes everything jumbled and when scrolling through the messages it is more difficult to identify the contact/person who sent the message. Anyone else have the same issue? Changing the font size does not work - all that does is change the font size of both the message header AND message preview. I could not find an option to change the font size of the  message header separate from the message text. Thanks.

Re: Recent Message+ Issue
Customer Service Rep

We want your messaging correctly for you kramadas. I have sent you a Private Message so we can make that happen.