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What is "recipient listing" inside of Verizon Messages? How can I use this, get to it, and fill it with my contacts?

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The only "Recipient List" I'm finding in Verizon messages is related to Group texts.  When I initiate or receive a group text, I can long press the message on the Conversation screen, then tap Conversation details - that gives me a list of the recipients for that group message.  It's informational only, pretty much.  You can mute the convo or change the way responses are handled (reply individually, or to the group).

If you are talking about some other listing, please clarify?

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Getting the most out of your messaging features is crucial mrmatthew. I regret I was unable to locate the recipient listing feature. To ensure we are providing correct information, do you see this feature in the actual application or when signing into Verizon Messages online via PC? 

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