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MY screen broke and is not working. My phone is on because I can hear it ring and notifications. Can I pull my text messages from my phone to display on my computer?

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Texts is would be viewable on any device you previously registered to integrate your Verizon Messages, like computers/tablets

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A broken phone is rarely welcome, but it's good to hear there is some life left it in for now. Just like deloused suggested, we have a service called "Integrated Messages" that works with Message+ on your phone. It does require activation first (otherwise anyone could access your text messages remotely), but check out "Syncing Messages Across Devices" in this link for everything about that: 


If you do not have the Sync option available due to the broken display, then a different phone would need to be used so you can text. This can either be an older phone you own or can borrow, or by upgrading to something else. However, do you have insurance on the line? You might qualify for screen repair through Asurion. Check out this link for more on that (click on the red "Find Out Now" button):


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