Regarding the Verizon Messenger on web not app ,

Regarding the Verizon Messenger web not app , and its use on a PC or tablet etc so one can text from PC,LapTop or Table or phone (:) ) its fantastic but one thing has changed since some upgrades.I used to be able to text myself from a PC etc and I can no longer .(No emailing my phone via does not replace that ! Can we re allow messenging myself from PC as I did for many years.Another separate issue, can not cut and paste from word docs into messenging (online) without 1st put the text into word pad.Thanks

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Re: Regarding the Verizon Messenger on web not app ,
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Saladcl, I appreciate having another way to communicate with my friends and family using Verizon Messages online. You mentioned you are unable to message yourself. Are you getting an error message? How long has this been going on?

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