Restore all my messages

I just want to get all my messages back. I had called to attempt an accidental deletion of the messages with 1 contact and I was told to do the back up and restore and then just log back in my accounts and I wouldn't lose anything and get back the message but now I'm missing stuff.  It showed stuff that made no sense I have had nothing but problems since and now I'm missing messages that were locked and I need them back.  I would have never done this if I had known that it was going to mess everything up. I just want to get my messages back.  My phone is a mess and I'm afraid to do anything.  At one point it would not even turn on and showed a dead android guy with a triangle when I was trying to get it to turn on.  This has been horrible and I'm sure there is some way to get my messages back and my phone not be just not the same.... please help

Re: Restore all my messages
Customer Service Rep

We definitely understand the importance of retrieving your old messages, and we can certainly try to assist you with getting them back. Please send us a Private Note, so we may be able to better assist. *Gert