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I have three devices connected to my Message+ account, all tied to the same phone number.  I accidentally deleted a text conversation from my phone so it has synced the deletion with two devices but my tablet was offline and still has the text I want to restore.  I've kept it offline so it doesn't sync and get deleted.

How can I get the system to restore the text from the tablet to the server and my phone?

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Message+ and the integrated messaging feature is a great combination when you want to view texts on different systems. When turning on the tablet and connecting to either Wi-Fi or mobile data, if you choose to Sync your messages from the tablet it should save that version to your other devices.


However, before doing this, I would recommend either taking a screenshot of the conversation, or making a copy of it (press and hold on the text bubble) to resend it (press and hold on the chat box to get a Paste option). This is just to ensure that in the event that the messages were to get lost somehow you would still have a backup of them.



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