SMS Error: General Problems (Cause Code 34, Error Class 2)

I have the Droid Incredible 2, unlimited texting & data.

To certain people in my contacts list and at different times (sometimes constantly/consistently, sometimes only momentarily), when I send text messages, I get returned alert that says "SMS General Error" and if I click "details" it says "Cause Code 34, Error Class 2". Why? I have tried re-programming, restarting, taking the battery out, re-entering contacts, and to no avail. It is happening with Verizon users and AT&T users. I am about to throw this phone off a cliff, can anyone help!??

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Re: SMS Error: General Problems (Cause Code 34, Error Class 2)
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Kimberly99, I can help! It sounds like the next best step would be to complete hard reset. This should clear up the problems you're experiencing. Please select the link to view the instructions... Let me know if this resolves issues.


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