SMS Group texting
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Am finding it hard to believe Verizon + Messaging app does not have option to send group texts as SMS? It's incredulous to me that in 2021 I'm finding it so difficult to find a messaging app in which I may:

create unlimited groups & pre-set all messages to default send as SMS, not MMS, so that everyone in the group aren't driven crazy having to receive everyone's responses..

When try this in Google Messaging app, continuously get error "To send this Group message go to Settings and change to MMS..."

What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks for your help

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Re: SMS Group texting
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iamprogman2, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concern and we appreciate your feedback. Any text message with more than 1 recipient will default as a group text message and will be sent as a MMS message. We do not offer a way to send multiple text messages at once to numerous recipients as an SMS message.