SMS Read receipts suddenly stopped working 5/4/18

Using Message + Version 6.6.5  Moto Z Droid version 7.1.1Last read receipt was 5/3/18 10:18PM Eastern time

I verified my settings, ran a health check, power cycled.  It doesn't matter if on wifi or not. No updates for phone or app recently or available. 

It happens with at least 3 people I regularly text with and get read receipts.   Same thing when sending a text to myself it just shows delivered.

Very frustrating when communicating for work and not knowing if message has been read.

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Re: SMS Read receipts suddenly stopped working 5/4/18
Customer Service Rep

You've certainly tried some fantastic steps already, LADYSHASHA. We want to minimize the frustration you experience and get your text message functioning at its best. Are the three people you regularly text that no longer reflect read receipts Verizon Wireless customers with Android devices as well? I know you mentioned confirming settings, but I just want to be sure we covered all the bases. Do you have both "Request Receipt" and "Send Read Receipts" turned on in your settings through the Message+ app > Menu > Settings > Conversations? Are you still able to access the internet when Wi-Fi is not enabled?



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