SMS and Chat duplicates now being received
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So it's painfully clear Message+ is still broken, 9 days after Verizon broke it.  Running 6.4.4 on both my wife's AND my LG V20, I'm getting duplicates from her.  One comes in as Chat the other as SMS.  I'm connected to my office WiFi (and I'm the only one here so I have tons of bandwidth) and I'm connected to our Verizon 4G Network Extender thus I have excellent coverage and yet Verizon's system can't seem to decide how it's going to deliver messages.  I get it, Message+ is broken, badly broken.  Question is... when does Verizon expect to have all the bugs worked out?

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Re: SMS and Chat duplicates now being received
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Yes! I have the same issue. Also, sometimes the senders name is showing up in red, do you have any idea what that means?

Re: SMS and Chat duplicates now being received
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We want to be sure that we exhaust all of our trouble shooting steps to eliminate any issue you having with the message app,  DD88893 and I’d be happy to help you today. Let’s go over a few details to find a solution.
Just for clarification, are you connected to wifi? Can we please have the make/model of your device? Is the Verizon Messages have the latest software update applied? Please provide a few additional details and we will be ready to continue helping.

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