SMS and phone messages when using a non-verizon SIM

When in Israel, I am forced to switch to a local SIM because the $10/day plan quickly becomes $1000 for my 3 month stay here.  I know Verizon is in business to make money, but this is quite extreme, not even counting the surcharge for each call or SMS that goes through.  So my phone is not on your network, and has some other phone number for that period.

Just the same, I CONTINUE TO PAY YOU FOR MY MONTHLY PLAN.  I wanted to emphasize this point so that before you respond, you pause to think about the concept here: I am paying you even though my phone is not connected to your network, because when I return, it will be back online again.

This leads to my question.  Your competitors mostly allow call forwarding and SMS forwarding precisely to allow this.  The concept is that since I am paying you to route my phone calls to me, I should have the option of asking you to send them to my foreign number, even though I am not going to pay you an extra $1000 on top of my basic monthly plan for this activity.  They would bill as normal calls to Israel as if made from my phone on my US phone number, but not incur an extra $10 per day.

So my question: why are you not allowing this?  Don't tell me "it is impossible", since everyone else does allow it.  And please don't tell me "Verizon needs and deserves the extra $1000 because you are out of the country for the winter."  I already pay you a substantial monthly fee.

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