SMS stuck/repeated incoming message

Phone support can't help with this technical issue. 

Every time someone texts, the same text from Amazon comes in place of that text. That is, I receive no texts other than the same one repeatedly. 

It happened in November, and a knowledgeable agent finally determined that the problem text was 'stuck' in the queue and everytime someone texted, Verizon would push that one again, rather than the new one. The problem was fixed on Verizon's side - it was NOT a phone problem. 

Please help me find someone who is familiar with this unusual problem and can perform the same fix as was successful in November. 

Re: SMS stuck/repeated incoming message
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thank you for contacting us and letting us know the problem with your messages. It will be a pleasure to help solve it. Please, send us a private message for further assistance. Remember that we are here for you 24/7.