Samsung Intesity II - pic msg receipt failure

My Samsung Intesity II has failed to receive picture msgs since March 16, 2012. It says it's connecting and then message receipt failed. I have tried removing battery and restarting. Changing download setting from auto to manual. Nothing works. This has never happened in the past. Please advise.

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Re: Samsung Intesity II - pic msg receipt failure
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Dear phonedog,

I know picture messages are a great way to share important moments with friends and family. If I couldn't receive picture messages, I would be concerned as well. Are you able to send picture messages?

As an option, you could try to program your phone by dialing *228 and then select option 1.

If the problem persists, it is possible you may have a feature block active on your account or it could be the handset itself. Are there any other users in your household or area that are experiencing the same difficulties? Is it happening in one specific area?

Once we gain additional information, we will provide a prompt resolution to your concerns.




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Re: Samsung Intesity II - pic msg receipt failure
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Community Leader

Could it be just one picture message that is failing?  How large is the pic?  If it's too big, it won't come through. If it's the same message being re-tried, that may be the problem too.  Maybe have someone else send you a small image to see if it's images in general or just that one particular image that is the problem.