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Samsung Stratosphere having trouble downloading/receiving MMS

I recently got the Samsung Stratosphere and am kind of beginning to regret it. I can't download a MMS someone sent me. I turned off the automatic download and pressed download in the message and it said "Currently unable to download. Try again later." I turned wifi off since i was connected to internet at my house, not that it made a difference anyways. I also tried taking the battery out of the phone and letting it sit without it for a bit. I have the Mobile Data on. From what I have seen from other sites I'm not the only one with this issue. So if someone thinks they can give me a solution that isn't something I've already tried, feel free to reply!

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Re: Samsung Stratosphere having trouble downloading/receiving MMS
Verizon Employee

Hello meganhockeygirl,


I would like to make sure your messaging works as it should. Do your other data services function normally? Does this happen with every message? How long have you had the device? Have you ever been able to receive a message? I can review your account and network settings in more detail to find a solution. Please feel free to send a private message with your name and cell number. I look forward to hearing from you.