I received text messages from 900080004007 saying, "Free Verizon Msg: Hello this is Kyarra from Verizon I see here that our chat was disconnected Smiley Sad please chat back in for help." Second message, "Thank you for being apart of Verizon, have a wonderful day!"

Given that there are several grammatical errors in the messages, I tend to think it is spam. However, given outsourcing these days, I'm not sure.  Either way, I was not chatting with anyone at Verizon.  Is this a scam or has someone already hacked my account, or are they attempting to hack my account?  Thieves suck.  Also, I have already forwarded the first message to 7726, but this is very concerning to me.  In June and July, I also received text messages saying that my password had been changed, when I hadn't changed it.  I went into my account each time and changed my password anyway.

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