Scheduled messages
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I really hate that scheduling messages is even an option by default. Everybody at Verizon seems to play dumb when you ask them how to get rid of that option all they can tell you is how to delete a message that is scheduled I have asked six different people how to remove the scheduling message option and all six people replied with you can delete scheduled messages like this blah blah blah blah I cannot believe that Verizon employees people apparently that can't understand a simple question of how do I stop my phone from trying to schedule a message. If anyone at Verizon can help me figure out this problem please please reach out to me I cannot believe this is as big of a problem as it is and you people are acting like you have no idea what we're even asking I have seen multiple threads and multiple posts about this question and every single one of your people answer at the same way we can delete a message just by clicking on the three dots in the upper right here shut up. I shouldn't have to worry about did my message send or did it pop up another window of trying to schedule a message that I already hit the send button on unacceptable Verizon unacceptable fix it now

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