Send button no longer appearing in Messages app

I have the HTC DNA. Ever since I downloaded and installed a software update for my phone (about a week ago), the Send button is no longer showing up in the Messages app. It will only appear when I'm both typing and in portrait orientation. If I am not typing, I only have the button to attach an image or document. If I'm typing in landscape orientation, there is a "Done" button, but it doesn't actually send the text message, it just stops editing.

Is there something I can do to fix this (beyond finding a different messaging app), or will this be fixed soon?

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Re: Send button no longer appearing in Messages app
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I regret to learn of the inconvenience with the update! The send button is an important function. Have you tried a reset at all after the update? Here is how to reset the device:

Be sure to have your device backed up first! Contacts should be saved at or the Backup Assistant. Pictures should be on the SD card.

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