Sending email messages to my phone

I have an iPhone; I send an email message to and it is not deliver to my iPhone.

However, if I send an email message to, it is delivered including pix and text. Also, I can reply from my iPhone's texting app to the MMS and it is deliver to my email address (text and pix included).

I am extrapolating, but my guess is, email message are received and sent from iPhones as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and not as Short Message Service (SMS).  BTW, I have verified that "Send as SMS" is enabled in "Settings > Messages" before I tested.

Maybe one of the VZWSupport techs can verify this presupposition?

Here's hoping...

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Re: Sending email messages to my phone
Customer Service Rep

That's a wonderful observation, LearnedSomethingNew! That indeed sounds very accurate. VZWpix message has the capacity for larger transmission sizes to go through, including pictures due to it working through MMS.

Vtext messages are typically used for simpler text messages that fit within 140 characters, and may not fully support the size of the email you are attempting to send out. Especially if it contains photos or some type of image.

Here is an FAQ that provides additional details on the capabilities of Vtext services:

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