Service suddenly inconsistent

I have a Casio Gzine basic phone.  For 4 years it has been perfect.  Now in the past two weeks, 10% of the time the phone rings and I hear it, the other 90% someone calls and leaves a message and then I hear the phone beep.  I have done *228 item 1, then *228 item 2 and nothing seems to help.  Took the battery out of the phone and put it back in.  Nothing helps.  Last week a friend had Verzion, a moto x or z and we could call across the room but neither phone would ring and half the time even after we left a message, the message wasn't received.  This weekend, a bunch of people with Boost, Virgin Mobile, etc came over.  Half of them called me and my phone rang, the other half didn't.  The  library, 1 1/2 miles away called the morning and the phone rang.  Just now, a friend who lives 1 mile away called and called and the phone message wouldn't pick up.  I tried calling Verizon, but the menu just went in circles, wouldn't let me choose an option.  I live in Rancho Mirage, Ca.  We are familiar here that Virgin Mobile doesn't work, nor Metro, nor ATT, but Boost did.  Nothing has changed regarding where I live, no new roof, or antenna, nothing.

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