Single text message reappears after multiple efforts to delete

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and use Messages+ for texting. There is one comversation where I have deleted all messages multiple times but 1 message continuously reappears. I do not back up text messages to the cloud. I have cleared the cache for the app already. Not sure what else to do. Thanks.

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Re: Single text message reappears after multiple efforts to delete
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We want to make sure you're able to delete your message threads on your Galaxy S7, Spinchik58. To get started on finding a resolution, we'll be asking a couple of questions. When did this start happening? Is your Messages+ application up to date in the Play Store? I understand you mentioned that you've cleared the cache already. By any chance have you also tried clearing the data? Also, if you access your native messaging app, does the message also appear there? 



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