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Help!! I had this happen when I switched back to Verizon from AT&T (iPhone to Droid Charge). Somehow it finally stopped, maybe a year ago. I just activated my new upgrade phone & the texts have started again. There is no "Email> Mobile Email>select accounts to delete." on the old phone. (directions I got from this link:

on the Droid Charge, so first I went to Settings/applications/email & cleared everything. There were no longer any email accounts on the old phone.  Then I sent myself a test email from my laptop. Got an Ozmail text.

So then I did a hard reset on the old phone, so there is absolutely NO info on the old phone. Sent myself an email from my laptop. Got an Ozmail text.

I have unlimited texting, so money is not the issue. The issue is that any emails that come in in the middle of the night caused the Ozmail texts to come in and the only solution is to turn the sound off. Then, if I want to know if I am getting real texts during the day, I have to turn the notifications back on. So really the choice is get woken up several times a night, or have no notifications, or try to remember every night to turn the sound off, and turn it back on in the morning.  Any of those choices is obnoxious and should not be necessary. What can be done to make them go away? Please help!!



P.S. I just did another test, and it does not seem that when I send myself an email to my gmail account, that I get an ozmail text. Only when I send to my outside account (happens to be Not sure if that matters.

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Did any of the threads to the right under More Like This help?

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Unfortunately, there is no solution to stopping the ozmail messages at the present time. After writing directly to Verizon Wirelesses CEO, I've been working with Broderick <Deleted>, Michael <Deleted> and Tracy <Deleted>. Broderick and Michael are with Verizon Wireless's network repair bureau. Tracy is in the executive offices at VZW. They've been trying to fix this for me since August of 2012.

According to Broderick, these ozmail messages are being generated by some software provided to VZW by a third party, "Myriad Software". Because Verizon's relationship with Myriad is on the rocks, Myriad is not cooperating with Verizon. I don't believe this situation has received enough attention from Verizon's top management. I would urge you to contact Tracy at Verizon's executive resolution office and let her know you are suffering from the same problem. She can be reached directly at <Deleted> and then asking for her.

Good luck.

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