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Suggestion for Text Messaging

I too rely on reading my sons text messages and feel that as long as I am paying the bill my son has no privacy.  Sometimes I just want to look at the messages at my convenience and not by the availability....

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Re: Suggestion for Text Messaging

Make sure you disclose it first hand to your kid that you are doing it.  As long as you do then you are within your right to do so.  This part of the law is not black and white.  If you treat is a provision in order for you to pay for that service where they can use it then it is within your right.  I forget which state had a similar case where the kids won, and some kid was able to get out of jail free card because of it.  The judge ruled that it was inadmissible in court due to neither the child nor the person in question did not know they were monitored. 

Re: Suggestion for Text Messaging
Verizon Employee

Thanks to the community members for your contributions.

Hello cgh,

Although there’s not a way for you to view the text messaging content unless you’re viewing it directly from the device you do have the option of viewing the text messages details on My Verizon. From here you can select your son’s mobile number and view what number the message was sent to or received from as well as the date and time. 


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