Suggestion: picture order when sending
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Please reverse the picture order to load top down (or add a sorting option) when sending pictures from different albums with the "Gallery" button. It currently has the newest pictures at the bottom, which results in having to wait for thumbnails to load, when the picture I want to send is the one I may have moved or taken most recently.

Yes, I can share directly from my album instead, but that doesn't let you send to group chats already in progress...only single contacts.

Also, the horizontal scrolling bar that appears after pressing the + button shows the most recently "modified" photos. So if you took a bunch of new pictures and just moved them into a new album, for example, then that's all you see at first.

I am using the latest Android version on a Galaxy S5, so I don't know if the iOS version also does it this way.  Thank you and I apologize if this was posted in the wrong place or if it was already suggested.

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