Switching away from Verizon Messages+ causing issues in my group texts
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I recently decided to switch away from using Verizon Messages+, but when I switched to the new app, it populated all my group text message groups incorrectly.  For example, I had a group text going with three of my friends, but after I switched over to the new app it was showing that group text message included my mom, dad, and brother.  Similarly, all my other group texts had random people listed in them.  There were also a few text message conversations that I had with individuals that were converted to group texts with random people.

I tried converting over to a few different texting apps and they all had the same issue, which tells me the Verizon Messages+ app is causing the problems.  Has anyone had this issue before and have you found a solution?  I'm afraid to respond to those group texts because I dont want to accidentally send a group text to random people.

Any help would be appreciated.


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