Tablet messaging issues

i recently just recieved a galaxy note 10.1 and i downloaded the verizon messaging app to make it so i recieve my texts on my tablet because i recently misplaced my phone but in order to set up the app it has to send a securitycode to my phone (which i cant find at the moment). i tried using the sms messaging app on the verizonwireless website to see if i could access my code there but it wont send (tried many times), what should i do to go about this issue...?

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Re: Tablet messaging issues
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We want you to be able to enjoy your new tablet aguertin2! Is your phone line suspended on the one that was misplaced? We recommend this is done ASAP. You can call our automated line at 800-922-0204 to suspend it. If it is already suspended, you will not be able to use messaging. You will need access to the phone line first, before being able to setup the app completely. If you are unable to find your phone, we definitely have replacement options. Our best recommendation would be an insurance claim if you have a plan.

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