Targeted Text From Stranger (Unknown)

I was driving 45 in a construction zone.  Someone behind me was very close on my bumper, obviously in a hurry.  After the construction ended, I moved over.  The person behind me flashed their lights at me and then passed me once I was in the other lane.  Five minutes later, I received a random text that said "Do you think you can do 55?"  By the time I received the text, the person was out of sight.

My question:  Is there technology out there that could allow someone to find my signal and capture my number? 

I have a theory that if the car was associated with a state/government agency, the person driving could have ran my plates to get my number.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.

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Re: Targeted Text From Stranger (Unknown)

My thoughts are it's more likely the person recognized you and already had your cell #.

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in the first days of cellular it was possible to make a cell phone grabber (scanner) of which was used to clone your phones number etc. Then this was then placed on throw away phones to sell on the street to make calls on your number. However I don't believe that technology is used today on the quick for such purposes.

If it was an unmarked police car its possible to run your plate but highly unlikely since the police could have flashed you over to ask why you were moving so slow.

it could have been someone you know as was stated previously but I just cannot say.

Try a google search to see if a digital phone can be scanned while in a moving car.

Re: Targeted Text From Stranger (Unknown)

see all text messages on <Phone number removed for privacy.>

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