Telnet to server - blank screen

Hello all,

For the company I work at, I have developed a client based program that creates a socket connection to an SMTP server and fires and forgets an email message (like Telnet). Essentially I will be sending a precompiled message with the "TO" address being PHONENUMBER@VZEMAG.BIZ. Our company has a business plan with VZW so we will send these emails to the VZEMAG SMTP server so our employees receive our messages as SMS.

During my testing I have tried to telnet to the two IPs of the vzemag (on port 25), every time I have tried to do so, I receive a blank screen and not the typical "220 SERVERNAME HERE" response. Does anyone know if Verizon allows users to telnet to these servers? Or will doing this whole process require a special plan through Verizon?

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