Terrible Experience being a Verizon Customer

Signing up for Verizon Wireless has been a terrible experience. In December 2021, I signed up for Verizon cellular service by porting 5 phone lines from T-mobile and adding a 6th line as well.  The last 9 months of service with Verizon have been filled with extreme disappointment.  To start I never received the Verizon Visa gift cards that were part of a promotion that I was eligible for and submitted all the proper documentation for.  After numerous calls to customer service, management and the rebate center the issue still has not been resolved.  I have been waiting on a call back from a manager from the rebate/submission center for over 5 months. Upon initiating service I traded in multiple iPhone's devices as a part of the iPhone on us promotion.  It took over 8 months and several phone calls and hours on hold to finally receive the device credit for one of the phones that was traded in December. Just when I thought my issues with Verizon could not get any worse, I received a call from a collection agency in August stating that I have a delinquent account with Verizon.  I immediately contacted Verizon customer service to discuss the matter because my account has been set up for auto-pay since I signed up for service.  After speaking with the representative who researched my account, they assured me that I did not have an outstanding balance and suggested the call may have been fraudulent.  Knowing that my account was set up for auto-pay and after reviewing my bank statements to confirm payments were withdrawn as scheduled, I was confident that the collection call could have been fraudulent.  Less than a week later I received another call from the same collection agency stating the same thing: that I had an outstanding balance with Verizon Wireless that they were attempting to collect on.  This time I asked more questions from the agency and they provided me with the phone number that the balance was associated with.  The number they provided was one that I was not familiar with and had never used.  Again I called Verizon customer service, financial service and was again assured that I did not have an unpaid balance.  As someone the has gone to great extents to maintain excellent credit, this issue began to really bother me.  After several other calls to Verizon, I came across a representative who looked further into the matter and found what the issue was.  The Rep informed  me that when I initiated service back in December of 2021, two of the numbers I ported in were placed on a "SUB" account and the phone number provided was from a temporary number that was issued as a result of the "port-in" being delayed. After numerous calls to the account recovery department and supervisors the issue never got rectified.  I asked for an explanation as to how this could have happened and no one could explain since the "sub account" was closed.  I was never provided a bill that shows what these charges were for which was extremely troubling to me because as I stated my account was set up for auto-pay since my first billing cycle. As someone that knows the importance of credit, I paid the balance without ever receiving proof of the charges. On today September 14th, 2022 I received a notification from my credit monitoring account that shows Verizon has placed the account closed with a derogatory rating.  I need to have this matter resolved in a timely manner as it has not only caused my money but now has impacted my credit score.  I need to know which department or manager I can speak with to have this resolved.  My previous contact with the account recovery department has left a lot to be desired.  I need someone to reply to me or preferably contact me to direct me in the right path to resolve this situation.

Re: Terrible Experience being a Verizon Customer
Customer Service Rep

MS121583, we apologize for this negative experience and please contact our Verizon Wireless Recovery Operations Team at  800-852-1922 to help address any dispute over the balance due so we can correct this for you. Thank you.


- Alan