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Amazing how bad the Tech Department is at Verizon.  They sent a sim card to a phone to solve a problem concerning texting.  The Sim card is not compatible with the phone it was sent for.  After reinstalling the old sim card the phone was able to make phone calls again.  Pathetic if you ask me.  Then after spending over 3 hours trying to find out why text messages from verizon and others were being sent to 2 phones instead of just the primary, they told me there is no primary number.  Which then I was told that there IS a primary number and proven so by regular customer service.  Your tech department is the worst on the planet.  Amazing that they even know how to program this website to take complaints in all honesty.  I can't be alone on the total dissatisfaction I have about the worthless Tech department at Verizon.  How does a company that sends out a bill text not know why it is being sent to both numbers instead of one, the primary.  I mean, its THEIR text that THEY are sending!  Thank you for letting me vent about your tech department's inadequacies.  Now hire some actually tech people instead of blockheads please.

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Techs like others know nothing beyond the script non answer and hang up on you 

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Considering nano sized sim cards have been standard since the iPhone 6 and there was no mention of size, doubting the not compatible claim. More likely needed to be activated once it arrived.

There's no such thing as a primary number. The closest thing to it is whichever number registered first as owner online or which number is listed as a point of contact -- the latter can even be a landline number. Your text issue sounds more like a shared Apple ID. Without knowing what phone you have, that's just a guess.

lol @ programming the website. Tech has nothing to do with the site, neither does any other dept you'd call into.

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The last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is exactly as your forum handle spells out, terriblecs2020. As consumers, all we really want is for our services and products we purchase to work and function properly within the normal scope of issues we may expect depending on the product or service. When it comes to our customer service, we definitely want your journey with us to be helpful and be resolved properly. Your feedback is important to us as it helps ensure that we do just that, and deliver the customer support you expect from us. Whether it be fully explaining a solution, investigating an issue, and ensuring we use the right resources and tools for the job at hand. 


Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. We just want to confirm that all your questions were addressed with regard to the double messages you were receiving. Please keep us posted if needed.