Text Log Accuracy

Are text logs 100% accurate? I found some strange messages on my husband's apple watch he says he did not receive on his phone or send. We looked up the numbers and they were flagged as robo callers. We also called Apple asking about this issue and they said this has been happening and also looked into the numbers for us.

However, when we pull up the text log on MyVerizon, it shows both incoming and outgoing messages to these numbers? Are these logs 100% accurate? 

Re: Text Log Accuracy

There are some apps which use text notifications to send/receive information from their servers and then post notifications within the app for you to see. These apps intercept the texts before they are displayed on your device. They are able to do this due to the permissions you agreed to when you installed the app(s) to access your texts/calls/etc...


This is a way that they get around using data given that most plans include unlimited texting/calling nowadays.


While the apps are able to intercept the texts before your device can view them, they will still show in the texting logs.