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Text Message App Storage

I realized that I did not have any limit on the number of text messages that have been stored on my Samsung S6 and the app shows 510MB used of which 353MB is data. I am individually reviewing the strings of messages and have deleted several thousand across all my contacts including hundreds of photos/ attachments yet the amount of data has not been reduced. If anything, it appears to have gone up a few MB since I began the exercise.

IS there anything I need to do besides deleting these individual messages to reduce the storage?

I am at release 6.7.7

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Re: Text Message App Storage
Super User
Super User

You can try deleting the picture messages. That might be contributing to the memory increase as you review old messages.

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Re: Text Message App Storage
Verizon Employee

Having enough storage to get your messages is important Feldmar42. We do appreciate all that you have done and I will help see what is going on. Ann154 is correct by saying that the picture messages within the threads can contribute to the storage. How many text messages do you have in each thread? What messaging application are you (Verizon Messages+ or messages) using? What else is showing using up your memory under your storage setting?  Check Memory - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + | Verizon Wireless


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