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Here's my situation. I switched to Verizon in mid-November. After three or so days, none of the text messages that I would send to one friend would go through (they did when I first switched). Nothing changed with his phone and nothing changed with mine and I can still receive messages from him. The same thing started happening with my brother but I am not sure when because we don't text frequently. Neither are with Verizon but I think they have different carriers from each other as well. Anyway.

Today I spoke with a Verizon rep to see if we could get it figured out. He asked me to try sending picture messages to both people. The picture messages went through without a problem. I immediately tried sending a text through after that - one went through to my friend but not my brother. My boyfriend suggested I try sending through vtext.com to see if it is an issue with my phone. When I enter my brother's phone number, I get the status message "Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address." I know the address (phone number) is correct and Verizon recognized it for the picture message that was able to go through. Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hello reynok, thank you for sharing your issue and explaining all the troubleshooting you have completed. Do you get any error messages when trying to send messages to either of those numbers? If you have any special characters, graphics, or a signature please make sure to turn those off and retest. Does this happen with every single message or intermittently? Since this has been going on for awhile, there may be a network issue affecting the text messages from going thru. If you ported from another carrier, it normally takes 72 hours for the inter-carrier text messaging to switch over. In this case, it seems like something changed for the worse. If this issue has not yet been resolved, please send me a direct message with your name and number, and the two numbers you are unable to text.



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I can not send text via online

Need help.  I have no cell in my house, but need to get text for work.  Here is the messages i get

10/26/2012 04:10 pm"mike"Message delivered to handset.10/26/2012 04:10 pm
10/26/2012 03:47 pm"B Tech Service"Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address.
10/26/2012 03:31 pm"B Tech Service"Delivery to this destination failed due to invalid address.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Emailmm100
Are you attempting to send a text from our Vtext on www.verizonwireless.com/myverizon ? Please check the contact information. Please ensure the number is a 10 digit number and retest. Please let us know if the issue persists. I would be happy to further troubleshoot with you!

Thank you
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