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I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue.  I can send and receive texts, but sometimes the message still shows as unread.  Now my wife is having similar issues.  She is on the road, and cannot open messages.  She gets the "loading" message, but never receives the text.  Considering that we both have 4G enabled phones, I would not think this would be an issue.  I do understand that there may be areas that 3G kicks in, but that is not the current issue.  She was at the hotel, and still has messages that are marked unread, as I also have, while on wifi at home.

With the run around I got when trying to upgrade our phones, only to find out that we could no longer upgrade in Jan, but now had to wait until July, we are fast becoming disappointed with Verizon.  Now, this is happening, and when she got no where when contacting customer support, I am beginning to wonder what is going on.  While ATT is not nearly as attractive, and T-Mobile & Sprint providing less service nation-wide, I am now thinking that flip phones might be the answer instead of smartphones, as well as pay as you go service instead of being locked into a contract with a company does not seem to be overly concerned with their customers.

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HuskerFan lets solve this mystery and see what's going on with your messages. We here to help ensure your family's devices are working properly. Fill us in on the details, what phone make/model do you and your wife have? What zip code are you located in? How long have you been experiencing the trouble?

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I have a galaxy 3 my zip code is 18419  .... some go through and some don't why