Text Offer in Error

So apparently this offer, sent by Verizon in texts to who knows how many users was IN ERROR!  I attempted to take advantage of this offer and it would not show up in my cart...  so I entered chat to talk with a representative.  The first rep stated over and over and over again that I needed to pay off my device to upgrade...  even though I pointed out that that was PRECISELY the offer I was trying to take advantage of from the text.  I asked to chat with a supervisor.  That person responded by stating that the message was sent in error and there was no such offer.  No counter offer was made, just an "I'm sorry."  So unbelievably frustrating.  I can't even count the number of times I have tried to take advantage of an offer sent out by Verizon and had some kind of trouble getting it to work - and ending up in chat.  This one is a new one though!  And refusal to stand behind something they admit was an error is a new (low) level of customer service!

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Re: Text Offer in Error
Customer Service Rep

Hello. I know everyone is excited about the new phone. I would be upset if I got this text but then was told it was not available. I would love to review the account to see how I can help. I have sent you a private message.