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I have an iphone 5 and text with others in a group.  We've been texting as a group for over a year.  Starting last Friday, my phone stopped receiving texts from three of the group's senders.  I still receive a group message from one of the parties (using iphone vs 4 w/ verizon) but of course most of the conversation is missing.  Three have version 5 (one AT&T, 2 verizon).  They all receive my texts but three get an error message when sending back to group.  They can all text me individually and I am getting texts from others.  We've all rebooted our phones.  Suggestions?

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Re: Text message issues
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This is odd that all of a sudden, you're not receiving messages from some people in your group messaging funkytown40! If you're able to send and receive from others in same group, its likely to be something with their phone. They may have a setting that says "Reply to Sender Only". Ask them to check that setting in their Messaging Settings.

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