Text messages (SMS Texts) being delayed out of O365
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Over the last week we have been seeing lots of SMS text messages sent out of O365 being deferred for up to an hour.  Any ideas on when this will be fixed?  All my Verizon users are experiencing this issue.  The service has become very unreliable for priority services.  We are seeing this error in the O365 logs.   server temporarily unavailable AUP#MXRT};{MSG=};{FQDN=vrz-sms.mx.a.cloudfilter.net}

Re: Text messages (SMS Texts) being delayed out of O365
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Hi, there! Being able to send & receive messages in a timely manner is imperative. I understand you and others have noticed your messages being delayed. We most certainly want to look into this for you. For clarity, is this regarding a business or consumer wireless account?