Text messages changing during transmission

Twice during the past two weeks I've sent my husband a text message.  The beginning of the message was identical on both ends, but the second part of the message that he received was totally different from what I sent.  We compared phones side-by-side to be sure on (or both of us) wasn't going crazy.  The content that was different wasn't malicious in any way, but it was totally unrelated to what I'd typed. 

We're both VW customers, but on different plans and have two different types of phones, although I don't know how that could have anything to do with the problem.  It's almost as if part of my text is somehow becoming intertwined with someone else's.

The Verizon Wireless tech I spoke with in tech support had no other reports of similar activity from any other users.  We're stumped.  Anyone else having similar experiences?

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Re: Text messages changing during transmission
Customer Service Rep

Yikes! That is really intertesting Addmusic! I honestly have never heard of such an issue. We are unable to view content of text messages to compare. Is it possible for you to send us screenshots? Which devices do you both have? Is this an ongoing issue or did it happen with just a few text messages? I am looking forward to your reply so that I can better assist.

Thank you,

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