Text messages no longer showing under Billing/Usage details

Last Friday I was checking the usage details for my son and saw a number of texts and calls placed Thursday night.  I'm looking now and they now longer appear under Billing/Usage Details.  He has an Iphone but if he erases texts/call logs - I thought they'd still show under Usage Details?  Thanks.

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Re: Text messages no longer showing under Billing/Usage details
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Being able to keep track of usage for our kids is definitely important. I’m surprised to learn that you are no longer seeing these details. Did you recently have a bill cycle end? If yes, this information won’t be available under Billing/usage details. Additionally, any type of iMessages that he sends/receives won’t show up as they don’t go through our server, but rather Apple’s. If he deletes the texts on his phone they will still show up online. So my best guess is that your bill cycle ended. Keep us posted.

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