Text messages not fully coming through on Cosmos Touch

I have contacted Verizon about this and they claim they cannot find any issues and have told me to tell people texting me to send a special kind of text which is bull. So I figured I would come here and see if anyone else is having the same issues that I am having.


When I get text messages from Verizon customers that are over 160 characters they are sent to me as several pages.  The issue is I don't get the first pages.  Only the last page.  So if I receive a message from a Verizon customer thats 4 pages long I will get page 4 and thats it.  The message will show in the corner 4/4.  The crazy thing is when I have someone at Verizon text me it will go through, but my friends with Verizon text me and I get this issue.


Anyone else have any problems like this with this piece of crap phone?

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I have the same problem. Has a solution been found yet? I just received a three page text but only page 3/3 came through and it happens all the time. I also have LG Cosmos.

Verizon Employee

Hi NineT930thTA,


I apologize for the inconvenience.  Currently LG is working with our network team to identify a resolution. Once a resolution is provided we will definitely communicate the information to or customers.  





Thank your patience as we await a resolution from LG,