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Having issues with text messaging as well.  My daughter can not text anyone on our plan without it being a group chat.  Before Im told to uninstall the app.. We can't.  We can disable it and we can force stop but I have no option to delete it. She has the LG G5 no issues until this afternoon when she tried texting. How can we get this fixed? When she sends text its usually when my husband and son can not be bothered with us texting each other.
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Mschell, I am terribly sorry to hear about the sudden issues that have come about with text messaging. I will be more than happy to make sure that we are on the right path to get this resolved so that regular text messages no longer come up as group text messages. What was this LG G5 doing prior to this issue happening? I know that you mentioned that this is happening when texting others on your plan, is this happening with other phone numbers as well? Can you please describe what is happening on the LG G5 that tells you that text message conversations are group text messages?


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