Text sending multiple times and not receiving all text on verizon messages website


I've been using the Verizon Messages app since it was pretty much released. Overall it's worked well, however yesterday for some reason it started sending multiples of my same text to the recipient every 5-10 minutes. It continued for those persons dozens of times with the last text I would send. It didn't matter if I was sending it from my phone's (Moto Droid RAZR Maxx) verizon messaging app or the verizon messaging website. I signed in and out of the verizon messaging website but that didn't change anything. I then restarted my phone and it stopped sending multiples.

However since that time, I now am not getting text on the verizon messaging website from anybody. I receive them on my phone's app, but not on the website. Have tried different browsers, different computers, logging off and on, but it's not reflecting the text I've received. My phone's app is getting 100% of the text as far as I'm aware.

Anything to try on this matter would be great.


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Hi calhob,

My apologies for the issues that are occuring with your VZW Messages application. Are you opening all of the messages directly on your device? If you do not open one of the messages, does this message show online? Are you able to send messaging from the computer based website? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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