Texting, Error to many unsent messages. Andriod 4


Ive been seeing comments about this message of when I sent a message it says, can't send, to many unsent multi media message. Ok first, I went through all my so called messages that say drafts, next to them and deleted them,.. Still same error message, someone go to factory messenger, how do you change back to factory messaging? Because this wasn't always like this, just recently AFTER doing these stupid updates that want to add a update every freaking week<<<<WHY when my home computer doesn't ask for updates but maybe once a month??, I have plenty of storage space on both my device and jump drive..

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Re: Texting, Error to many unsent messages. Andriod 4
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Thank you for reaching out to us. We certainly want to make sure that we are addressing your concern promptly. Are you referring to getting the error while using Message+?


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