Texting to TIM in Italy

I am so disappointed! 

After switching from T-Mobile to Verizon, I lost the ability to text with many friends and family in Italy because Verizon doesn't recognize Italy's primary cell service provider, TIM, as a "participating carrier".  When contracting with Verizon, I asked specifically about international service (primarily incoming/outgoing calls & texts to Italy) because it is a priority for me and I was assured that all necessary services would be activated.  After I first realized that I couldn't exchange texts with certain numbers, I called customer service but they also didn't know there were only some carriers in Italy "recognized" by Verizon.  I finally found the confirmation on line.  Verizon only participates with 3 carriers in Italy but not TIM, the main one.  This situation seems quite arcane for the 21st century.  Please, Verizon, sign a contract with TIM. 

If this isn't resolved by the time my new 2-year contract is up, I am quite certain I'll be going back to T-Mobile.

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