Texts on bill unknown numbers
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I found on my bill for my mans line numbers I dont recognize and I cross referenced with his contacts and none match and I even went saved as weird names and he says he doesnt know them heres the biggest one that pops up 3193163253 online it just shows its from fort Madison ia 

Re: Texts on bill unknown numbers
Customer Service Rep

I know it's confusing to see an unknown number, 3195208145. We're happy to help out. For privacy and security reasons, we are unable to release information about the number you mentioned. While the call may have been a legitimate call, it is also possible that the number was spoofed. Here is more from the FCC on spoofing: http://spr.ly/66041epbp

If you wish to block the number, here's more info on blocking: http://spr.ly/66051epbV