Texts sent from Message+ WEBSITE app are not received
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I've used the website Message+ app on both my computers for years with great success.  (I don't use the Desktop Message+ app because it's slow to load and freezes often)

However on 5/4/18 I sent a number of texts through the website app, and am learning that NO ONE received them!  They show as sent in the website app, and on my phone.  But my recipients never got them.

When I copy & paste the text on my Samsung Galaxy S7, they receive that.  But not those sent from the website app. 

I'm using MacOS High Sierra v.10.13.4 and my browser is Chrome.  How do I rectify this?

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Re: Texts sent from Message+ WEBSITE app are not received
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We want you to be able to use the service with ease and rest assured it is working as intended, NanaMin. I would like to ensure we are on the same page, so we can best assist. Have you been able to send messages from the website since May 4th without issue? What type of messages were being sent when they were not received? Looking forward to hearing back.


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