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Texts severely delayed from AT&T users to Verizon users?

I have a Google Nexus 6.  I just replaced the sim card with a new one, while trying to resolve these issues, and it had no effect.  I group text with both family and friends, and in both groups, it seems like texts between Verizon and AT&T users send/are received seriously delayed, or are just never sent/received.  I have one group text with 3 Verizon users (myself included) and 2 AT&T users .  We started time stamping our texts to try to determine who is having delays and who isn’t.  We determined the 2 AT&T users receive all the Verizon user texts in real-time, as well as the AT&T texts,  but Verizon users are only receiving other Verizon texts in real time, and all texts from AT&T users are received hours or sometimes days later.  Often, texts finally appear in the middle of the night. 

Does this point to the the problem being with Verizon?  Or AT&T?  Seems like it points more to a Verizon issue, since the AT&T users are receiving all texts correctly in real time.

It is really becoming more than an annoyance as it is impacting communication and plan making via text, since you can never be sure if your message was received.

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Re: Texts severely delayed from AT&T users to Verizon users?

AT&T messaging service is super slow. The only way I can reach AT&T contacts quickly is having them install Verizon Messages on their devices or use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. AT&T sucks

Re: Texts severely delayed from AT&T users to Verizon users?

I am having a similar problem. I have one person in group message that is delayed by hours.

Me - VZW on PIXEL 2 XL

Delayed Person - ATT on Samsung Android phone

Person 2 - ATT on iPhone (not delayed)

Person 3 - ATT on iPhone (not delayed)

Everyone else - VZW on a  mix of android and iphone

However the delayed person, if they just text me directly outside of the group it comes thru fine.

Re: Texts severely delayed from AT&T users to Verizon users?

This is really annoying.  I can only assume ATT is delaying the message from "A"  competitor.  ATT is an "F" competitor.  Any response ATT?  I have had texts days delayed from my son and daughter.  I have Verizon, and they have ATT.

I have found ATT to be the most unreliable, dropped calls, crooked company that exists.  Ya, I've had/used them and never will, unless they are the ONLY option!

Re: Texts severely delayed from AT&T users to Verizon users?
Customer Support

We always want to make sure you're able to receive text messages as soon as possible, to ensure you don't miss anything important, bcwillason. We have some questions to better assist. When did you start experiencing these issues? Does your family receive your texts without problems? What is the make and model of your device? DavidR_VZW