The 'Selfie' CAMERA
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The on screen 'selfie' CAMERA

   1- SELECT the 'selfie' CAMERA button in the Attach Menu

ATTACH a selfie photo or video directly from the messaging screen. Or, turn the camera to capture other people or subjects.

The immediate attachment eliminates all those extra steps of saving to they gallery then stumbling around to find the right folder it saved to.

attach menu2.png

2- TAP the Camera image on the screen to take a photo;

OR, HOLD it down to record and attach a video.

3- DONE!

Other icons:

Select the Flash (red) icon to turn on the Flash.

Select the Camera (blue) icon to turn the direction the camera is facing

Select the Pictures (green) to select a photo from the gallery.

Hold down the Camera (arrow) to record and attach video.

The Verizon Messages app is designed to balance both video quality and speed of delivery. Sharing high quality video means sharing very large files that may take  a long time to deliver and download from device to device without delivering error messages. Thank you.

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There should be settings to set the camera preferences. I never take selfies and it's annoying to have to click the direction button every time. Flash goes off every time, even in well lit situations.