The camera is not capturing pictures correctly

When attempting to attached a picture using the camera, there are a few problems:

  1. The camera always defaults to selfie-mode and there is no setting to change that.
  2. The camera is only shown at the bottom of the screen where the keyboard would be. This makes it difficult to capture a good picture.
  3. When taking a picture, the image is distorted. Either only a part of the picture is saved or if taken in landscape mode, it shows it in portrait mode with the height of the landscape frame and the sides black.
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On my Note 4, after I select add picture from camera, I can swipe up in the

camera area and it makes the viewfinder full screen. Also, in the top

right there is a pic of a camera with arrows in it - this lets me change to

the back camera (i.e. not selfie mode).

Not sure about your 3rd question as mine always works fine.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy


@DobieG, my phone, Nexus 6p, behaves the same as yours. Yes, you can click the camera button to switch from selfie mode, but why can't it be set as the default or at least remember the last mode?  I can also swipe up to see the full camera on the screen.  However, taking a picture still cuts it off.  If I first take a picture with my camera app and then attach it to the text, it's fine.

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HI SamBou

It sounds like you might be using an earlier version. The selfie camera bug has been fixed in version 6.2.2. Please update if you have not. 

If you are already using 6.2.2, please uninstall the update. Then, reinstall it fresh. Hopefully this action will fix the camera bug.